Artemisia Theatre’s Fall Festival 2014

I am excited to be a part of this wonderful festival presenting  staged readings of plays.  Each play features dominate female protagonists.  I am directing Atalanta K.O. a powerful and poetic play about a young female boxer struggling to find her place outside the violence of the ring.web_Invite_FINAL

Everything is Permitted

I am thrilled to have directed in Collaboractions’s 2013 Sketchbook Festival. I directed Chelsea Marcantel-Polaski’s Everything is Permitted. It is a beautifully complex play textually, layered beautifully by Chelsea. It was a joy to direct – complex yet with a clear story. My work was in creating staging that would illuminate the story for the audience.


Photo Credit: Ania Sodziak

The cast and I also worked a lot on the flow and tone of the language. As most of the language is spoken simultaneously, it was like conducting a quartet, shaping the sound and bringing out the right instrument at the right moment.

This piece was part of The Shorts: 9 Destinies track at Sketchbook which ran in May and June of 2013.

Directing for Afrikan Centered Theatre

Excerpted from The BlaQ Market: Essays & Plays from Afrikan Centered Theatre

The primary job of a director is to work wit the other artists to create a production that communicates the essence of the playwright’s story to the audience.  A director must provide a safe space where artist will give freely of themselves knowing the gift is appreciated.


In western theatre it is often assumed that there is a standard rehearsal structure that can be applied to all plays of a genre.  In our work, we cannot make this assumption.  Each play is a different story, includes unique theatrical elements, presents different challenges for the actors and has a specific mode of storytelling.  A director needs to examine all that makes a play unique and create a rehearsal journey that will lead to a production that expresses that particular work.


…Instinct is the stuff of art, yet so many artists shut themselves off.  They are stifled by insecure directors and at some point no longer trust their own gut.  I work with many actors who I have to coax into following their own impulses on stage.  This can me a difficult process, but it is necessary to create honest storytelling.  Theatre is about being in the moment.  It is about trusting that impulse when it comes not second-guessing  If a director wants to truly create moments of beauty on stage, they must let go and create an environment where this kind of openness is possible.